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Free Web Design Did you read that right? Free Web Design? Yep Free Web Design! Free Web Design is simply web design you DIY. You can do that by following Project 1. DIY Web Design is easy & if you can't follow that Project 1 as it is not quite so easy for you, just ask on the forum where project 1 is to get the help you need as there are plenty of other ways to get free web design. So on to Cheap Web Design. We can help with cheap web design from £40. We are talking using templates here. Basic templates that we have thousands of somewhere or other, sometimes, we have so many finding them is the hardest part. Sound good to you? Enquire About Web Design

Even those who say they do not use templates still do so to some extent in most cases as a lot of code is already written and no matter how it is dressed up for presentation the basic page layout (the template) is exactly that, a template. Bespoke designs still use templates in most cases as it is the artsy farty part that gives the visual presentation that is the bespoke part in most cases (we are talking design not fancy coding & development above and beyond the HTML and CSS here (Though Javascript is also involved to on occasions for this discipline like for slide shows for example). Anyway without having to pay for fancy artwork and graphics web design for under £50 is where we start. Enquire About Web Design

Yes once again you read that right under £50 web design. If you want some simple site we can set you up with that, have a page design in place and help you get the pages and links in place so you can duplicate the page and then you can fill in the content. Some of these templates have 2,3,4 , or 5 page layouts on occasions, they can all be adapted if not. Enquire About Web Design

If it takes a bit longer the price is reflected and we will tell you "Hey you are going to need to splash out another £30. We may even have to say woh this is going to cost a little more than £40 to £70 or £80 buddy, you are asking for loads here. This is going to cost you at least £200 as you really do need our help because you don't seem to know enough about what you are doing to us, you are obviously out of your depth and getting lost and frustrated and it looks like things would be easier if we just did things for you.

That might be just what you are looking for, if it is say so from the get go and once again your wish is our command. We won't say that as a bolt out of the blue we will tell you ASAP up front, and impersonal on the forums if that's something that helps you know we are there and we are doing the things you need doing. We can do all that, out in the open on the forum if you like, or we can do it privately.

Either way, we are easy. All we are saying here is Yes we can do that and rather than hide away and fob you off with excuses and stalling tactics we will happily do things out in the open for all to see if that is what you would like and what suits you. One thing is for sure. You can't get burned if we are out there in the public arena with things, so you might call it an extra guarantee you are getting what you pay for in a timely manner. You can use our forum to discuss your web design and website needs and we can help you get to know your website as you do so whilst at the same time advertising your site using your forum signature with every question you ask.

We like doing things up front and out there for all to see, we "Get Out There" with no cloak and dagger or mirrors and smoke. If it's not ready you will be able to see what is not ready. If there is a problem Contact this fella here. If your problem is not resolved quick enough when he is online then post on his wall and tell everyone else about it. Nice comments about how great we are and how helpful and brilliant we are are appreciated to of course.

It may be you need something more, a wholly different type of web design that you know is going to cost some serious money. Well we can do that to. Keith D heads things up for our web design and web development clients and he is one of the UK's top SEO's as well as the designer of the cartoon characters the Double T Ted's and the designer of the Double T Ted's websites, logos and pretty much everything else Double T Ted's. Double T Ted's Web Design "Get Out There" With The Kings Of Content. Enquire About Web Design.

Web Design and Web Redesign that's what it's about here . Enquire About Web Design.

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